Ukraine Conflict: Heavy Fighting Continues!

Ukraine Conflict: Heavy Fighting Continues!
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Russia and Ukraine are still at war, fighting for almost 6 months now, to be exact, the war really started in 2014, however no real war started until Russia decided to attack and invade Ukraine recently in 2022. The status is ongoing with no signs of stopping. Recently, news broke out about Ukriane trying to reclaim Southern Kherson, meaning a massive war has started in the southern area of that city in Ukraine. 

“Heavy fighting is continuing, our soldiers are working around the clock,” said Vitaliy Kim, who heads the neighbouring Mykolaiv region.

This started almost 6 hours ago, with Ukraine claiming they have broken the first line of defence against Russia. This then backfired when Russia said that Ukraine lost due to a failed attack.

Ukraine War Damage

Image Credit: Kutsenko Volodymyr

The war is more than likely going to continue for some time now, unless something massive happens between to two. So far, there is no stopping this war. Russia has also decided to stop the gas pipeline to Europe again. This will more than likely cause Europe to send more equipment to Ukraine to help with the war.

6 months have currently went by and no major improvements on when the war is going to stop!

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