Attacks in Ukraine Major Cities!

Attacks in Ukraine Major Cities!
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As the war continues between Russia and Ukraine, there was a huge explosion that took place in the major cities recently. It is believed that Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, is the target to a lot of missile strikes, this has been the first one in months. Alongside this, their has been reports of multiple attacks throughout Ukraine.

Russia has been getting hit hard with the counter attacks from Ukraine, to the point they were seemingly losing the war they started.

President Putin needed to up his game before entering the war again as he was seemingly losing. Managing to call up 300,0o0 reserves to go to the front line for added support.

“A multi-storey residential building was destroyed again. There are victims,” this was said at 03:00 local time.

Russia have continued their attacks and more so than ever. Attacking many places around the country. In an attempt to start winning the war again.

The strikes that took place have caused a power and water outage across the city of Kharkiv, as a missile was aimed at an Energy Infrastructure site, which has caused the outage.

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