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UK Covid-19 Update!

UK Covid-19 Update!
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After a while of only managing to get under 30,000 cases a day, the UK has gone back up to nearly 90,000 cases a day due to rules being taken away and the new rule of allowing people to leave with Covid-19 has caused this.

With this in mind, PM Boris Johnson will have expected this to happen with Covid-19 being very infectious. This could be the result of everyone with Covid-19 leaving their house.

More and more cases are more than likely going to happen as Covid-19 rules are gone, however, the NHS staff are still not overwhelmed as 160 people are out of the hospital.


The likelihood is that the PM will try not to put the UK into lockdown, more than likely won’t considering the war going on between Russia and Ukraine, therefore the UK will more than likely have to try and live with this virus.

Covid-19 will be staying in the world for some time, won’t be leaving the world any time soon, therefore the UK will have to learn how to cope with it. There could be a great idea by creating a Covid-19 hospital.

Places like China and others have created massive Covid-19 hospitals to help with Covid-19 patients. For more Covid-19 news, click here!

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