Russian Convoy Head for Kyiv!

Russian Convoy Head for Kyiv!
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More and more destruction is happening every day due to Russia’s invasion, however, reports say that a Russian Convoy is on its way to Kyiv and has reported killing a lot of Ukrainian Soldiers along the way.

It’s apparently 40 miles long and satellite images show that this one convoy could change Ukrianes capital forever!

Reports suggest that on Monday, dozens of civilians were killed in a Russian attack that took place in Kharkiv. All reports from the Ukrainian Interior Ministry.

Recently there was a talk to end all conflict that is going on between both Russia and Ukraine, however, nothing has been confirmed about what was said but with the Russians still attacking Ukraine and more attacks are reportedly set to happen, the talk may have not gone well at all.

Image Credit:Vitalii Vitleo

More than likely, this war will not stop until someone stops Putin. As he is continuing to invade Ukraine with all his men and nothing is seeming to stop them at all. The worst part is, no one can help Ukraine without the worry of Putin attacking them.

The US and UK have released statements about this but nothing is confirmed on what could be happening to the world if everyone from NATO helps Ukraine, as Russia has threatened to attack any other place.

Banner and Image Credit: davide bonaldo

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