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UK Covid-19 Update!

UK Covid-19 Update!
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Over the past few days, there have been no updates on how many cases of Covid-19 there have been. Meaning the last update we had was on Friday. Regardless of this, Covid-19 has seemingly slowed down the past week with fewer and fewer people getting infected each day.

Right now, the UK has gone back to normal. Allowing everyone to go outside with or without this virus as all restrictions have been eased to try and live with this contagious virus.

All restrictions are gone, Covid-19 infection rates are down and nothing has been said on if there will be another lockdown or more rules to be put into place after this next wave! PM Boris Johnson could have started the new age in the UK… A new age of living with this virus as it may not be as deadly as we once thought!


With all the cases going down, this begs the question, will this be the new normal for us? Meaning if another virus comes into the UK that is similar to Covid-19, will the UK try and live with it rather than go straight into lockdown?

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