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Russia and Ukraine to Talk?

Russia and Ukraine to Talk?
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Throughout this week, the cities in Ukraine have been under fire by the Russian military. It is believed that Russia is wanting to invade and conquer Ukraine.

Russia has been invading Ukraine for a week now, there have been significant casualties and deaths throughout this time with Russia even threatening other countries if they try to intervene.

Reports suggest that Belarus, this is a close Russian ally, is going to deploy its soldiers to fight alongside Russia to help invade, however things may get better if all goes well.

Russia Avoiding EU

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It is believed that the negotiators for Kyiv and Moscow are arriving in Belarus for the peace talk however, nothing is expected as Russia is keen on this invasion.

The cities in Ukraine are currently under fire each day due to Russia wanting to invade, however, it is believed that Russia is going the long way around to avoid any EU airspace.

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