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UK Covid-19 Update!

UK Covid-19 Update!
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All goes well in the UK with Covid-19 for a while, under 100,000 cases a day, barely anyone is getting admitted to hospital due to the serious side of Covid-19 and the cases were seemingly going down each day. Now that has changed, well, the past few days this has changed, however, the UK PM Boris Johnson is still considering easing Plan B down to see if the UK can cope with Covid-19 being like the common cold.

Covid-19 Stats


The past few days, the UK has seen an increase in cases yet again, however, there have been fewer and fewer people going to the hospital each day and more and more people getting the vaccine. This means that the vaccine is seeming to show that everyone is now getting mild symptoms.

108,069 cases of Covid-19 were reported in the UK on Wednesday. Another increase and back into the triple digits again and this could be the start of the cases going higher and higher each day. This could also show that even though a lot of people have been infected with Covid-19, more than three-quarters of them have only got mild symptoms.

So far, plan B measures are now dropped, the PM is still under fire about the parties and not much else is said about Covid-19 each day. Click here for more updates!

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