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UK Covid-19 Update!

UK Covid-19 Update!
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The UK have seen a massive decrease the past few days in cases, however there has been a massive surge in deaths happening recently. Covid-19 has started to infect everyone, from over 50s to under 5 year olds, everyone nowadays is getting Covid-19 and its becoming more and more obvious that its going to be the same as the common cold and Flu around this time of year.

It’s looking like everyone will be getting there Flu jabs as well as there Covid-19 jabs around this time of year to prevent anyone from having a serious symptom to Covid-19, as it is proven that someone who has Covid-19 and has both jabs and booster, they will more than likely have mild symptoms, rather than someone who has only had one jab and or none at all.

On Tuesday, it was reported that 120,821 cases of Covid-19 and 379 deaths were reported on this day too. Not only that, more than 750 people were admitted to hospital leaving more and more NHS staff struggling!

Covid-19 Stats


Right now, the PM Boris Johnson is in conversion about what happened in May 2020 as it was reported during lockdown, him and 100 others had a Downing Street garden party, there is some evidence of this happening and some emails to prove this, however nothing has been said about what will happen to the future of the UK!

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