Putin Prepares for Long War!

Putin Prepares for Long War!
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As the war between Russia and Ukraine continues to become worse and worse, it’s believed by the US that Putin has prepared for this war to keep going and has prepared for a long war as well as the short war!

Ukraine has been under attack by Russia for near 2 months with no signs of the Russian army stopping. There has been multiple attacks on civilian areas and a lot of deaths due to this happening. Certain hospitals have been bombed, even power plants have been bombed, however Russia are showing no signs of stopping the war until they get what they want!

Russia will more than likely continue the attack and by threatening other places across the world that end up helping the Ukrainian military.

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It’s believed that on Russian TV, they threaten the UK with a new bomb they created that could create a massive wave that could cover the entire UK in water, ultimately making the UK no longer a place on the world map.

This will more than likely not happen as this could be a massive issue for Russia in the long run and America will get involved and the rest of NATO will get involved as well!

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