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Covid-19 Update Worldwide!

Covid-19 Update Worldwide!
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As Covid-19 cases continue to rise in some areas of the world and decrease in others, it’s believed that there is a high chance that Covid-19 could have another wave in the UK and in the US.

For many places around the world, they are continuing to fight the virus by letting the virus infect everyone while the people protect themselves using the virus vaccine that has been created. For example, the UK have a living with Covid-19 plan that is proving to be working and this has made the UK a safer place at the moment.

China however have a different plan all together, it’s reported that China have went into lockdown in the most hostile Covid-19 areas, such as Shanghai. As China continue talks to try and completely get rid of Covid-19.

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Scientists have found out that those with Diabetes could be at risk with Covid-19 as well. Not as much as some other health conditions, but this has resulted in some talks about getting more research into the subject.

As Covid-19 starts to slow down, there could be another big variant that could come into play to allow the world to be worried yet again. Right now, the world is safe and Covid-19 is seemingly decreasing.

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