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Lockdown to End on the 2nd December!

Lockdown to End on the 2nd December!
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Monday afternoon, Boris Johnson will explain the details of England going out of lockdown and back into their system that was introduced post lockdown and the system that even Boris Johnson said didn’t work to the full effect. Coronavirus has caused a massive up bring of businesses to close and will continue to until it is gone.

Once the UK comes out of lockdown on the 2nd of December, all gyms and non-essential shops in all areas of the UK will be able to reopen. Including Pubs and Restaurants, however, there are a few new rules about lockdown this time round with tier 3 and tier 2.

Tier 3 means that all Pubs will be shut except takeaways and tier 2 means that they will only be allowed open if they serve meals throughout the day and all pubs must stop serving at 22:00 pm.

Alongside this new system after lockdown, there is also going to be mass testing in tier 3 areas to see who has coronavirus and who doesn’t and this will ensure those with coronavirus will stay at home for longer than 7 days and even longer than 14 days until they make a full recovery.

The virus has been seen going down ever since lockdown started, however, there are still over 15,000 cases a day which could result in more and more each day when lockdown is officially over, however, the Health Secretary has said that lockdown could still happen if the UK is not careful.


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