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Lateral Flow Tests to be Free to Some Groups!

Lateral Flow Tests to be Free to Some Groups!
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Lateral flows were the way everyone across the world and UK could tell if they had Covid-19 and to see if they have either recovered or still infectious with the virus. This one testing kit allowed everyone to see if they could go see anyone they wanted and or if they had to stay at home due to having the virus.

The testing kit was free to everyone with a lot of people ordering as many as 3 a week to ensure they had enough for a long time and allowing everyone to see if they contacted Covid-19, however now the rules have changed.

Image Credit: Martin D Brown

From the 1st April, the Covid-19 testing kits, also known as lateral flows, will no longer be free and everyone will have to pay to get one. Only certain people can get the lateral flows for free from the 1st April and this list is;

  • NHS Staff
    • To make sure they do not enter the hospital with Covid-19, they will be able to get test kits for free until further notice. Due to wanting to make the hospital not contagious as possible.
  • Carers
    • Same rules apply with the NHS staff, as they will not want to give there patients Covid-19 while taking care of them.

The other part of the UK will now have to pay to get a lateral flow test. Some free testing’s will continue during April in Scotland and Northern Ireland! For more Covid-19 news, click here!

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