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Women Arrested After Attempted Murder!

Women Arrested After Attempted Murder!
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A women has been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder after there was two 10 year old boys found with stab wounds.

The Police visited Fold Hill in Friskney, Lincolnshire due to reports of concern of safety. This was at 14:49 GMT on Tuesday.

Officers spoke with an occupant at the property and this resulted in the officers negotiating with the women.

After a while, the police left the scene only to return back after a while, at 01:00 GMT on Wednesday to force entire into the property and finding an injured 10 year old boy.

This resulted in the women being arrested and the boy taken to hospital, however the boys injuries were not life threatening and he was taken care of after.

Women Arrested on Suspicion of attempted murder

Image Credit: Victor Moussa

The road was closed for serval hours due to this situation that took place. There was no wider threat to residents during the incident.

The women was arrested after attempted murder of a 10 year old boy. There was reportedly 2 boys that were harmed with suspected stab wounds during this incident.

39 year old women is currently in custody due to this! And will be questioned later on.

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Banner and Image Credit: Victor Moussa

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