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Girl Aged 9 Dies After Suspected Town Centre Stabbing!

Girl Aged 9 Dies After Suspected Town Centre Stabbing!
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A Murder investigation started after a girl aged 9 dies after a suspected town center stabbing. There were wounds found on the child that indicates that the girl has been stabbed by someone. Prompting an investigation into the situation.

The Lincolnshire police have stated that the incident happened on Fountain Lane in Boston. The time was suggested to be around 18:20 BST on Thursday!

Her parents have been informed about the incident that took place recently, they are currently being supported by specialist officers due to the incident.

Image Credit: BBC

At the scene on Friday Morning, Police officers are working to gather as much evidence as possible to find out who did this.

“This is not something we would expect to happen anywhere near us, We obviously don’t know exactly what happened, but a child’s death is a tragedy no matter what the circumstances.” said Iga Bontoft, who runs an advice centre!

This will be sorted as quickly and as effectively as possible, no one would have expected this to happen. The police will continue the investigation into this until everything is found out about the situation.

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