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Covid-19 Updates!

Covid-19 Updates!
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Covid-19 has been formally known for how infectious the virus is, how fast it spreads, and how easy it is to actually catch the known virus. When it was first released in the UK, not much was thought of it, nowadays, the vaccine is saving the world and the virus is still known for being deadly.

Living with Covid-19 was the best thing for the UK as well as other places doing this as well. Not many people in the UK are worried about the virus and not many people are worried about contracting it.

New research suggests that Covid-19 can now be caught more than once in 20 days, click here to see the post about that, however, this new information could suggest why so many people are managing to get Covid-19 rather than not getting it at all.

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China has still got Shanghai in lockdown due to the outbreak that happened recently, as they continue to want to get rid of Covid-19 fully before opening everything up to the world again. This is going to be so hard, however, China is adamant to get rid of this virus from their country.

A lot of the laws surrounding Covid-19 have now been dropped due to the decrease in cases. Scotland, for example, has now got rid of masks everywhere and the NHS has got rid of social distancing in the hospitals.

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