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Covid-19 Test Error Led to 23 Covid-19 Death!

Covid-19 Test Error Led to 23 Covid-19 Death!
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As it stands, Covid-19 is one of the worst pandemics in recent years. Very unpredictable and hard to understand, Covid-19 was known to be the hardest virus to get rid of!

The UK Health Security Agency, also known as UKHSA, made a claim recently that could have caused 23 extra deaths due to Covid-19.

It was believed that 39,000 positive results were wrongly reported as negative in September and October 2021.

This one mistake caused a lot of issues that led to an increase in hospital admissions and even death.

“Each incorrect negative test likely led to just over two additional infections,”

“In those same geographical areas, our results also suggest an increased number of admissions and deaths.” the Report stated.

As a result, this could have killed more people if not spotted sooner at the time and the NHS staff were at risk of overwhelming as more and more people were admitted.

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“The cause [of the mistakes] was the incorrect setting of the threshold levels for reporting positive and negative results of PCR samples for Covid-19,” said the UKHSA.

“Based on background infection rates in different population groups at the time, UKHSA estimated that this error could have led to around 39,000 results being incorrectly reported as negative when they should have been positive.”

One error can cause a lot of issues going into the future!

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