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Covid-19 Restrictions in the UK!

Covid-19 Restrictions in the UK!
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As Covid-19 begins to grow more and more, more and more rules will be put in place, however not everyone will know the rules. Here is the rules and everything that has been stated so far, from family and friends to shopping and more!

Meeting Friends and Family

For meeting friends and family, the restrictions are that facing coverings must be worn in shops and public transport, 1 meter distance remains in hospitals and Covid-19 passport control and people are advised to test for Covid-19 using lateral flows before entering a crowded area.

Going to Work

It is advised that if you can work from home, work from home, however this is not a requirement and not all businesses have to do it.

Schools and Nurseries

Face coverings are strongly advised for pupils in secondary schools and for staff and visitors… this includes all staff and visitors from both primary, secondary and nurseries.

Leisure time

Face covering is mandatory at indoor venues, however not in hospitality spots such as pubs and restaurants. People now need to prove their Covid-19 status with the pass and or a negative lateral flow test to gain entry into nightclubs and seated venues with more than 500 people, outdoor venues up to 4,000 and any venue with more than 10,000 people!


All shops are still open during this time, however you must wear a face mask upon entering the shops.

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