Covid-19 Protection May Boost?

Covid-19 Protection May Boost?
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Some people around the world could have some “lucky genes” or contain DNA that may get stronger by having Covid-19 jabs. This could help a certain percentage of people across the world with Covid-19, and help those who have this “gene” and or DNA type, this has all been reported by scientists from University of Oxford. 

Research suggests that at least 30 to 40% of people in the UK have this type of Gene. This is a great antibody response following the vaccine.

Experts say the vaccine is the best way for people around the world to protect themselves from Covid-19.

Researchers analysed blood samples from people who took part in five different trials, including 1,600 adults who had either the Oxford-AstraZeneca or Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine as their first jab. Says the BBC.


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 “From this study we have evidence that our genetic make-up is one of the reasons why we may differ from each other in our immune response following Covid-19 vaccination.

“We found that inheriting a specific variant of an HLA gene was associated with higher antibody responses, but this is only the start of the story.

“Further work is needed to better understand the clinical significance of this specific association,” he added. “And more broadly what identifying this gene variant can tell us about how effective immune responses are generated, and ways to continue to improve vaccines for everyone.” says the Lead researcher Prof Julian Knight.

This is great news for some people around the world and not so great for the 60 to 70% of people that don’t have this gene.

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