Covid-19 Cases Rising in the UK?

Covid-19 Cases Rising in the UK?
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The UK has seen the worst of the pandemic, the best of the pandemic, and now are seeing the middle ground of the pandemic, however, there are some issues along the way with the rising number of cases.

Covid-19 was known as a pandemic, to some places across the world, this is still the case, however, for others such as the UK, this will be treated like the common cold or flu as there is a chance more than half the people infected with Covid-19 will only receive mild symptoms making it seem like the common cold.


Over the weekend, there was a massive rise in Covid-19 cases, with well over 200,000 cases happening this weekend, allowing Covid-19 to spread more and more around the UK.

With the rise in Covid-19 cases, there could be some rules to ensure this does not happen anymore, however, PM Boris Johnson will speak on this when it feels right as Covid-19 is being dealt with like the common cold, meaning no more lockdowns, no more rules and more waiting for everyone to heal.

Could another Lockdown be on the cards if the cases continue to rise?

Banner and Image Credit: Andrii Vodolazhskyi

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