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Covid-19: Cases Continue to Fall!

Covid-19: Cases Continue to Fall!
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Covid-19 has been around for a long time now, with a lot of people suggesting that the end is near as Covid-19 isn’t infecting as much people these days. Researchers have suggested that Covid cases are going down.

The UK was one of the major places in the world that was struck badly with Covid-19 after it came from China. With a lot of people dying and a lot of infections the UK ended up going into 4 or more Lockdowns.

These Lockdowns ended up being as long as 5 months and even some lasting almost a year with rules happening once lockdown was lifted.

As of the last few weeks, the UK health officials have stated that Covid-19 is declining in the UK, meaning fewer and fewer people are managing to contact Covid-19.

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Current Covid rates are:

  • one in 60 in England… down from one in 55 the week before
  • one in 55 in Wales – down from one in 40 the week before
  • one in 80 in Northern Ireland – down from one in 60 the week before
  • one in 40 in Scotland – up from one in 45 the week before

This will more than likely go up and down over the next few weeks, however for now, the UK are managing to keep the infections down and keep everything else active.

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