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Covid-19 Isolation to be Scarped This Month?

Covid-19 Isolation to be Scarped This Month?
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Under the current Covid-19 rules… Anyone that test positive via a standard rapid flow test must self isolate for 5 days. This is to prevent Covid-19 to spread a lot more than it already has and with current stats, this has shown that with isolation, the numbers are still rising and decreasing… Depending on the time of day and whether it’s a weekend or not, the cases can decrease and or increase.

The Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced plans to get rid of all Covid-19 rules, at least the ones that are left, meaning self isolation will be scrapped in the UK as more people are able to have Covid-19 and have cold like symptoms rather than serious symptoms. This could end badly for the UK however as other places such as China are still locking down places that have more than 5 cases of Covid-19. Some people will be happy with this as not many people had the worst of Covid-19 as other will have had the worst of it and wondering why this is happening.

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The reason some people may be thinking this is great, is due to the fact of Covid-19 is seemingly being like the common cold, very easy to get in contact with and have mild symptoms of cold to being quite ill with it. Just like the flu, this will be if people want jabbed or not.

Others may think this is a terrible idea. Due to this being incredibly unpredictable on what could happen with Covid-19. Whether the case could take a turn for the worse or not, isolation helped slightly with maintaining cases.

What do you think?

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