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UK Covid-19 Update!

UK Covid-19 Update!
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Recently, cases across the world has started to rise, in some places they have doubled due to this new variant Omicron, other have went up 10,000 more, however the UK have seen a huge decrease in cases and deaths the past few days. Even in the amount of people going to hospital with Covid-19. There has been a huge decrease and the PM and MPs are suggesting that some Covid-29 rules will be taken away as others may stay to fight the number of cases.

Over the weekend, the UK saw a decrease from 100,000 cases a day to lower than 80,000 a day. On Saturday, the UK recorded 81,458 confirmed Covid-19 cases, and then on Sunday, the UK recorded 70,924 cases. A massive improvement since the beginning of the year, however what could this suggest?

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With the virus being massive at the time and the world needing a way to find out if they have it or not, PCRs were made for everyone however, PCRs can detected if you have Covid-19, however it can also detect it after 3 months, therefore showing more cases than normal. This may not be true, however since the introduction of lateral flows and the rule of them being used instead of PCRs, it may show a massive difference in cases.

Self isolation has also been changed in the UK, this has now been changed to allow someone who has had Covid-19 to leave there house after only 5 days of having it, if they test negative on lateral flows.

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