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Could Covid-19 Peak Again?

Could Covid-19 Peak Again?
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With the decrease in Covid-19 cases, a lot of people across the UK seem to think this is the end of Covid-19, however as time goes on and scientists learn more about the deadly virus and how they enter the body and what they can do to the human body, the more information comes out.

So far, not much is known about Covid-19, for example, the UK knows that the vaccine seemingly works in protecting anyone, the virus can spread fast through communication and coughing, it isn’t much known about how it stikes and how the virus manages to spread so quickly.

Covid-19 issues

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The Spread of Covid-19, however, could go back to over 100,000 cases a day, within a few months or even weeks. This is due to how contagious this virus actually is. There have been multiple pieces of evidence showing that Covid-19 can spread faster than most other common viruses, almost as fast as the common cold! Therefore the world should prepare for Covid-19 to be like the common cold!

Other factors show that if everyone is vaccinated, everyone is careful and everyone takes care of themselves, then the world can go back to normal with the new addition to a common virus.

Covid-19 will more than likely spread across the UK again, causing a lot of infections and a lot of wonders if this was the right thing to do, however, this may also prove the UK can cope with the virus. What do you think will happen? Will the virus spread across the UK again? Click here for more Covid-19 related news!

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