Coronavirus Information 3!

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The coronavirus is one of the deadiest viruses that has happened in the modern age, this is the worst thing that’s happened since Ebola and the first time flu was about. Every single doctor around the world thought this virus was like the flu but this needed sorted. The stats show that only older people were dying, however recently there has been a lot of young people without underlining health issues that have died of this virus. This is not what anyone expected and everyone thought that the virus would be fine, now we can see that its not… The stats will show how deadly this virus is around the world and in the UK!


China are currently getting better with the virus and has barely anymore confirmed cases, this is huge and the reason why some places around the world are going into lockdown. China was were this all started and where it all ends!

Cases – 81,171
Active Cases – 4,735
3,162 Mild Conditions
1,573 Serious Conditions
Deaths – 3,277
Recovered – 73,159


Right now, the UK is at the worst point of the virus, we have only just went into lockdown (23/03/20 : 20:30pm we went into lockdown) and Boris has understood how bad this virus really is. UK has recently started catching up with places like Italy and Spain with the cases we are getting. The UK has the worst death to recovery rate from this virus in the world. 71% of cases die and 29% of cases survive!

Cases – 6,650
Active Cases – 6,180
6,160 Mild Conditions
20 Serious Conditions
Deaths – 335
Recovered – 135


Spain are in the worst state they have ever been in ever. This virus has caused a lot of threat towards there people. The worst virus to ever hit the world and the end to some humanity. Now that we know what this virus can do, everywhere are taking drastic measures and will be back to normal if this all works out.

Cases – 39,673
Active Cases – 33,183
30,828 Mild Conditions
2,355 Serious Conditions
Deaths – 2,696
Recovery – 3,794


Here are the worldwide stats of the virus.

Cases – 395,807
Active Cases – 274,824
262,623 Mild Conditions
12,201 Serious Conditions
Deaths – 17, 235
Recoverd – 103,748

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