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Ambulance Wait Time Down by an Hour!

Ambulance Wait Time Down by an Hour!
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A lot of people were furious with the ambulance wait time being longer than an hour, however the past month this has significantly got better!

Throughout December and January, the average wait time has went down from over 90 minutes to 32 minutes on average.

The target is still there and the target is 18 minutes, which is 19 minutes less than the previous month.

A&E wait time has also reportedly decrease, meaning it has improved and a lot more people are able to get sorted rather than waiting for 8 hours.

“The fundamental problem remains a significant shortage of workforce, leading to woefully inadequate inpatient bed and social-care capacity,” Dr Cooksley added.


The NHS are still striking due to the pay and this can cause the wait times to go up a massive amount, however for now the wait time has improved!

Banner and image Credit: EternalMoments

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