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Ambulance Staff to go on Strike!

Ambulance Staff to go on Strike!
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Ambulance staff all across the country are set to go on strike on the 21st December in a dispute over pay!

This is a coordinated walkout by the three main ambulance unions. Unison, GMB and Unite.

This could be awful for a lot of people as this could mean those who have a trip and or fall may not get seen to due to this strike.

The strike will start on the 21st December and end on the 27th December.

The impact of the ambulance walkout will be patchy as Unison, which is the largest union in the sector, only has a strike mandate for half of England’s 10 regional services. Stat the BBC!

Ambulance Staff to go on Strike due to pay

“Ambulance staff and their health colleagues don’t want to inconvenience anyone. But ministers are refusing to do the one thing that could prevent disruption – that’s start genuine talks about pay.

“Wages are too low to stop health workers quitting the NHS. As more and more hand in their notice, there are fewer staff left to care for patients. The public knows that’s the reason behind lengthy waits.” Stat the Union.

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