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Nicola Bulley: The Search Continues!

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The search for the missing mother of two, Nicola Bulley, has continued with police suggesting that the women may not have fell into the river and or went all the way out to the sea!

Ms Bulley was last seen by 3 people and on the riverside dog walk in St Michael’s on Wyre.

Police started the search believing that the women had fell into the river and the search started, however the police have started to question the women being in the river!

Meanwhile, officers said they had stopped people filming on social media at houses near where she disappeared.

The story is as followed;

Ms Bulley dropped her kids off at school and proceeded to do her morning routine, however things took a turn, she was on the phone with her work in the morning and the call lasted 30 minutes.

Throughout her walk she had 2 people see her before she vanished. There was only her phone on the bench and her dog found.


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