What is Professional Negligence?


Individuals and businesses can regularly require the assistance of a professional, individual or firm. The assistance could be to provide support and/or advice to achieve a task that they are unable to undertake themselves. This may be because the skill or knowledge involved is specialised  to a greater degree than what the average person would be expected to perform.

Professionals can be;

  •      Solicitors
  •      Barristers
  •      Accountants
  •      Financial Advisers
  •      Insurance Brokers
  •      Tax Consultants
  •      Architects
  •      Surveyors
  •      Mechanics
  •      Engineers
  •      Medical professionals, and many others.


Even when using the services of professional, matters may not go according to plan, or the advice that you have been given may be incorrect. This can lead to you suffering financially. If you feel that the service you have been provided has been less than adequate, or you have concerns about the advice that you have been given. It may be in your interest to contact a specialist solicitor in the field.

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