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Will Lampard Succeed in the Champions League?

Former Chelsea player and current manager of Chelsea Frank Lampard hasn’t had the best start to the season with his new club, he lost to Manchester United and are currently 6th in the League with 2 wins, 2 draws and 1 loss, a lot of fans thought Lampard would make Chelsea stay in the top 3 but right now it’s looking unlikely, however it’s still early on, so we could see an improvement, however the Champions League is almost here and Chelsea are hoping to reach the final this time round. After being in the Europa League and beating Arsenal for the title, it’s about time they win a Champions League title!

Frank Lampard is relishing the prospect of his first Champions League match as Chelsea manager and is looking forward to have his first Champions League match and will be hoping Chelsea are in good form to win the first game of the tournament. He will be hoping Tammy Abraham keeps up his goal scoring record and win him his first game in the league.
This could be a great achievement if Lampard is able to win the Champions.

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League in his first season as manager. “We need more clean sheets, that’s something we continually need to work on. But, yeah – the Champions League. It is the top club competition in world football and I’m sure Mason and Tammy and Tomori are all excited for it.” said Lampard. We know Lampard will take his chances and will make sure that his team is ready for the Champions League and will hope for the win!

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