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Dior Sauvage EDP vs EDT

Dior Sauvage EDP vs EDT

A quick guide on which is better/which you should buy. Dior Sauvage eau de parfum or Dior Sauvage eau de toilette.


As an eau de parfum should be, (which not all are these days), Sauavge eau de parfum lasts longer and is more potent than its counterpart.


Again, as you’ll find with most EDT, it is a bit cheaper than the EDP. Whilst I’m talking about price, don’t forget to buy from a reputable seller for a reasonable price! Be careful when buying off sites such as eBay.

Compliments/which do people like more

A lot of women, when asked, liked Dior Sauvage EDP better than the EDT which came as a surprise, but in general, the EDT has a less intense, mass appealing scent that gets more general compliments, and is slightly more versatile.


EDP is a good scent for Winter time and even Summer time, but as said before it is a powerful fragrance. EDT is undoubtedly fresher, has a clear top middle and bottom note and just generally has more “going on”, its also transparent enough for the summer. Yet Sauavage EDP is peppery and sweet, making it almost perfect for winter and it CAN be pulled off in Summer.


To summarise, its all about what you’re wanting from your fragrance. For potency and intensity go for EDP. For a more mass appealing scent which is less intense go for EDT. Remember these bottles smell very similar and are very popular and get a lot of compliments, so you can’t really go wrong with either. If you’d like to check out Sauavge, click the banners below. 

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