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Dead By Daylight: Meg Tomas

Dead By Daylight: Meg Tomas

In the horror game known as Day by Daylight, you have to survive and complete the task on the map in order to escape but each step of the way you have a killer on the hunt for you. Meg Tomas is one of 23 survivors in the game. She is part of the original quartet of survivors when the game was released back in 2016 on the 14th of June.

Meg Tomas is one of those unique survivors that is very able to outrun most Killers within the game, she is considered an energetic athlete. The personal perks she gets are Quick & Quiet, Sprint Brust, and Adrenaline. All these perks allow her to have the advantage to escape chases and be able to put distance between her and the killer. She classed it as easy due to these perks.

Meg Tomas is a character from the Chainsaw Massacre.

Like said before she is one of the original four she was introduced and she was added along with Dwight Fairfield, Jake Park, and Claudette Morel. She also used to be a blonde however now she is brown and ginger but that all really depends on the hairstyle your using, even in some of the head icons she still looks like a dark blonde. She is also one of the original characters that were not featured in the console trailer for the original game on console, which is also the new intro video of the game. She can also be heard screaming when Jake and Claudette are about to repair the generator.


Maybe it was her mother that had installed the very fierce streak in her or maybe it was the fact her father abandoned her and her mother when Meg was just a baby. Meg was someone who excelled at schoolwork but unfortunately for her, she was off the rails, but luckily for her an athletics coach got her to encourage herself to use her misspent energy on the track and that was the start of her journey into becoming a high school star which later earned her a scholarship to college. The college dream ended the moment her mother fell sick, Meg made the decision to give up her chances at college and care for the woman who raised her. One Summer’s day, on a long run deep in the woods, she vanished. The search was carried out for her but her body was never found.

Meg is an individual who is simply filled with energy. This type of energy was unfocused and uncontrollable and it had to come out in one way or another. As a kid, this energy came out as rowdiness and rebellion. Someone had to focus on Meg before something went terribly wrong. Fortunately, someone did and she started to run. So to run equaled life. But to run now might attract those beings that crave the pain of others. But as she runs from something, instead of towards it, she understands something. She understands that speed is not of the essence. It’s reaching that finish line. Rather last but still breathing. She deludes whatever is out there as she glides through obstacles and fear, thus managing to stay alive.



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