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Worlds Most Dangerous Island!

Worlds Most Dangerous Island!

Earth is a weird place, we have a lot of places that could kill us, everyone knows somewhere or something that will kill you, however what is known as the most dangerous island in the world? There is North Sentinel island, however this place isn’t very dangerous since the people that inhabit the island could eventually turn and stop killing, however this one tiny island will kill you in 2 minutes… unless you’re lucky! This place is blocked off to the public and is only allowed certain people… so as you can tell… this place is very dangerous!

This island is known as Iiha da Queimada Grande, or Snake Island for short. There is a reason why it’s called snake island… this is because the only thing on that island is venomous snakes that could kill in 45 seconds or less if not treat well enough. This island is so dangerous that even the Brazilian navy isn’t allowed on the island, unless they have to or need to go on that island. The only people allowed on there are certain scientists and the navy when they are needing to go on there. This island is off the coast of Brazil and could be known as the most dangerous island in the world.

Snake Island is located 33km away from the coast of Brazil and the island is very tiny, this island was connected to the main land’s quite a while back, but due to the rise in sea levels, this little island was formed and the snakes on the island were stranded, however what snakes are on that island? They are known as the Golden Lancehead Snakes. These are the most venomous snakes int he world and no human would want to get a bite from one of these.

There are a few estimates to how many snakes are actually on the island, one scientist believes there are roughly 430,000 snakes on the island however, that would mean that there is a snake every 1m2, however other researchers say there is 4000. No one knows how many snakes are on the island. There could be a 35% chance of you surviving a snake bite from one, maybe a 20% chance of surviving a day on the island if you were allowed to go on the island! Is this the most dangerous island on earth?    


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