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Signs You’re Intelligent (Even If You Don’t Feel It)

Signs You’re Intelligent (Even If You Don’t Feel It)

Here are some subtle signs you’re intelligent, even if you don’t feel it.

Signs you’re intelligent include…

  • You drink quite regularly.

Studies have shown that Americans and Brits, when asked about their IQ as a child, display a common theme, that participants who drink regularly now, on average, had a higher IQ when they were younger.

  • You took music lessons.

Research suggests that music helps kids’ minds develop in a few ways:

– “A 2011 study found that scores on a test of verbal intelligence among 4- to 6-year-olds rose after only a month of music lessons.”

– “A 2004 study led by Glenn Schellenberg found that 6-year-olds who took nine months of keyboard or voice lessons had an IQ boost compared with kids who took drama lessons or no classes at all.”

signs you're intelligent

Drinking alcohol more often is one of the signs you’re intelligent.

  • You learned to read at an early age

This might sound like a given, but, in 2012, researchers tested nearly 2,000 pairs of identical twins in the UK and found that the twin who had learned to read earlier tended to score higher on tests that challenge you cognitively.

  • You are a “worrier.”

One study where researchers asked 126 undergraduates to fill out questionnaires in which they indicated how often they experienced worry showed that people who tend to worry a lot scored higher on measures of verbal intelligence, while people who didn’t do much worrying scored higher on tests of nonverbal intelligence.

  • You’re funny!

Being funny is definitely one of the signs you’re intelligent! 400 psychology students were made to take intelligence tests that measured their reasoning abilities and verbal intelligence as part of a study.

They were asked to come up with captions for several New Yorker cartoons, which were later reviewed by independent reviewers and people not “in” on the experiment.

The results concluded that smarter students were rated as the funniest in the bunch, which was the expected result.

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