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Greek Mythology: Athena

Greek Mythology: Athena

Athena was known for being one of the most revered and likeable goddesses in greek mythology,  she was known as the goddess of wisdom, war , courage and law and justice. She is also known as the favourite daughter of Zeus.

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She is known to be the only goddess which has been represented with amour. Her brother Ares who is also the god of war take a more violent path than his sister and they never agree and most times were on opposite sides during fights. This was most notable in the Battle of Troy where Athena viciously wounded him and forced Ares to retreat. Athena is known for being careful with lives and would prefer to avoid bloodshed unlike her brother. The sibling were not known to love each other very much.

She is known to be represented by an owl as they are known for being wise, She also carries a shield with the head of medusa.

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