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Egyptian Mythology: Horus

Egyptian Mythology: Horus

Horus was known as falcon headed god of the sky, he was seen as a protector and a symbol of power, as well as the god of hunting and war. One of the most enduring symbols of Egyptian mythology is the eye of the Horus.

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The Eye of the Horus, which was used as an emblem for protection and guidance in jewellery and sculpture, as well as painted onto the bows of ships. “Horus” eyes were said to resemble the sun (Personified in the sun god Ra) the moon ( personified in the moon god Thoth). All seeing eyes are important symbols not only for the Egyptians; similar icons are present in the Christian Eye of Providence, on the back of US dollar bill and  in the Eye of Sauron in The lord of the rings.

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He is also a child of Osiris.

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