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Valentine Context and structure

Valentine is a contemporary poem that describes an unusual valentine days gift- an onion! Carol Ann Duffy was born in 1955 and she is the UK’s first female poet laureate. In this poem she chooses to criticise the conventional and ditched symbols of romance and relationships realistic portrayal of a relationship (good and bad) The…

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The context of She Walks in Beauty

Byron describes how he was struck by the unusual beauty of a woman he met at a ball. She was mourning and wearing a black dress set with glistening spangles that caught his attention. Lord Byron wrote during the romantic period when there was a great emphasis an emotions and the importance of individuals thought…

Mametz Wood context
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Mametz Wood context

Mametz Wood is in northern France, where, in the first battle of the Somme in July 1916, the 36th (welsh) division were commanded to attack German soldiers concealed in the wood. It was at the cost of 4000 killed or injured. Owen Sheers, a welsh poet, visited the site of this battle almost 100 years…

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Leonardo da Vinci had an “advantageous” eye disorder.

A neuro-scientist claims that da Vinci had exotropia, an eye disorder which means one eye is turned outward.  Visual neuroscientist Christopher Tyler of University of London examined six pieces of art, including Salvator Mundi and Vitruvian Man. Five of the pieces depict an eye misalignment that reflects a disorder called exotropia. Exotropia is a condition where…

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