What is a lasting power of Attorney?

What is a lasting power of Attorney?

There are two types of Lasting Powers of Attorney


This gives your attorney the authority to deal with your property and finances, when you choose, and/or if you lack mental capacity.


Who should I appoint to act as my Attorney?

Lasting Powers of Attorney are important documents and so you should take care with who you wish to appoint, as your attorneys must be trustworthy and good decision-makers.  You can also appoint replacement attorneys in case your original attorney cannot otherwise act. 

There are different ways in which you can instruct your Attorneys to act on your behalf and this should be discussed in detail to allow you to choose which is best for you…  This could be:

  1. Jointly, i.e. always together; or
  2. Jointly and severally, i.e. together and independently so that they can sometimes sign together and sometimes separately; or
  3. A combination of (1) and (2), so some decisions can be made jointly and other decisions jointly and severally

Before a Lasting Power of Attorney can be used it must be signed and then registered with the Office of the Public Guardian

A property and financial affairs LPA can be used when you have the capacity to act (unless you limit this), and if you lack the mental capacity to make financial decisions.

A health and welfare LPA can only be used if you lack the mental capacity to make a health or welfare decision for yourself.

There are other factors that will need to be discussed such as if you wish to place conditions or restrictions on when and how your attorney(s) act for you, for example limiting some decisions or setting out how they should make decisions.

How can we help?

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