Safety Features That Every Car Must Have

Do you think your car is equipped with all the necessary safety measures? If you’re not sure then scroll down your screens to know the must-have safety features that a car should have. Even if you are about to buy a car very soon, be mindful of observing these features in your car.

The primary feature to ensure is the dual front airbags. It is a lifesaving feature that definitely should be present in your vehicle. Airbags will serve as a cushion for the driver as well as the passenger when facing a frontal impact. Even people who buy used cars in South Africa make sure that their car does have this life-saving feature.

Another most crucial safety feature is the anti-lock braking system. Being an active safety feature, it holds immense significance in avoiding accidents. The anti-lock braking system works in a way to modulate the pressure on the brakes to avoid its locking whenever a panic brake is pulled. Moreover, it will also reduce the braking system.

Being a parent you must be aware of the ISOFIX mounts that are present on the second row to fix the safety seat of your child. It is recommended to avoid seating your child on the first seat as it is dangerous in case the airbag deploys in a crash event. The ISOFIX mounts will save the child’s life in an unfortunate situation.

To fix the water condensation on your car’s front windshield, you could easily make use of a blower or turn on the AC. But to fix the water condensation of the rear windshield, you need a rear defogger. The rear windshield is prone to get foggy in monsoon and winters hindering the visibility of the surrounding behind. With the presence of a defogger, the mist will be cleared and you could have clear visibility of the rearview.

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