Matchday 9 of 38! Premier League!

20th October 2018
Chelsea(2nd) v Manchester United(8th) 
West Ham(15th) v Spurs(5th) 
Newcastle(19th) v Brighton(13th)
Bournemouth(6th) v Southampton(16th)
Cardiff City(20th) v Fulham(17th)
Wolves(7th) v Watford(9th)
Manchester City(1st) v Burnley(12th)
Liverpool(3rd) v Huddersfield(18th)
The main game on the 20th will have to be Chelsea v Manchester United. This game will be a close one in my opinion.Will Eden Hazard perform!

21st October 2018
Everton(11th) v Crystal Palace(14th)
Only one game on the Sunday this time! Will Everton win or will Crystal Palace cause an upset!

22nd October 2018
Arsenal(4th) v Leicester City(10th)
Will arsenal do the same as what they did last time? or will Leicester beat Arsenal and have another unimaginable title win!

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