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1964 Jordan Birds Air Mail Stamps

1964 Jordan Birds Air Mail Stamps

1964 Jordan Birds Air Mail Set – One to look out for.

Birds on Stamps remain one of the most popular thematic areas for collectors and some sets are always in high demand. This set from the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan has always been popular with Bird thematic collectors. However, it is one that should find a place in any general collection, or take pride of place in a Jordan single country collection.  Jordan has subsequently issued numerous birds sets but none have resonated with collectors as much as this one.

1964 Jordan Birds Airmail Set Details

This three stamp set was issued on 18th December 1964 and was the 1st set that Jordan issued depicting Birds. The total face value amounted to 1650F which was no small amount at the time hence dealers didn’t lay aside large stocks. Hence the set is not cheap in UM condition.

Stamp Set

The denominations were as follows:

150F – Depicting The Gorgeous Bushshrike (Telophorus quadricolor)

Telophorus quadricolor

500F – Depicting The ornate hawk-eagle (Spizaetus ornatus)

Spizaetus ornatus

1000F  The Grey-Headed Kingfisher (Halcyon leucocephala)

Halcyon leucocephala

Slightly surprisingly none of the birds depicted is endemic to Jordan.  However, that is pretty much par for the course where thematic stamps are concerned especially nowadays.

Imperf Set.

A small number of sets were imperforate and mint ones are quite readily available. Again though we have never seen any postally used or on FDC. If you have a set on cover, please send us a picture.

1964 Jordan Birds Air Mails Set

Naturally, an Imperf set will cost a premium but both sets together make a great display.

1964 Jordan Birds Airmail Stamps Used

Given the high denomination finding genuine postally used examples is not easy.  Most we have seen have neat corner cancels which are typical of CTO stamps. However, postally used examples do turn up.

1964 Jordan 1000F Birds Air Mail Stamp

Again we have never seen a commercial cover with the top value used which was the equivalent of 1 Dinar. This was a sizeable sum then given the Dinar is pegged to the US$. Thus it would only have been used on high-value registered post.  If you are lucky enough to find one still attached please don’t soak it off!

Thinking of Buying a Set?

If you just want to have a set for your collection then used ones are cheaper and typically nicely CTO cancelled. Alternatively, a mounted mint set would suffice as these are often available at a reasonable price. However, if funds allow we would always suggest that you buy a pristine UM set. Why we hear you ask. Well as with all things collectable quality counts. Investors as opposed to collectors will only buy high grade so if you are hoping to recoup the outlay or even possibly make a profit, mint never hinged is the way to go.

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