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Worldwide Covid-19 Update!

Worldwide Covid-19 Update!
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Covid-19 is a continuing battle between the world and the virus, every time the virus is seemingly disappearing, the virus manages to come back and strikes against all the world with force and new variants that will not be eased by the drugs provided or the vaccine given. So far, the vaccine has been able to resist any of the variants that Covid-19 has created, however there could be more coming.

The world is currently in the mix of a war and Covid-19, with the war causing a lot of the major Covid-19 issue slip as the war needs to be stopped, however China are struggling to have a no Covid-19 country as the enter another lockdown.

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China was the first place in the world to have this known virus, having almost 80,000 people infected with 1,000+ killed in a couple months wasn’t great for them, however nowadays China are trying to ensure safety by issuing a no Covid-19 battle. Try and put an end to Covid-19 once and for all… in China anyway.

In other news, the UK are rolling out the booster vaccine to all people over the age of 75 years old, meaning that anyone over the age or on the age of 75 that hasn’t received their booster jab for Covid-19 may no be able to get the vaccine by booking an appointment. This is known as the Spring booster rollout. As well as this:

Scotland have decided to end most of the legal restrictions regarding Covid-19 as they are trying to do what the PM Boris Johnson has suggested. Living with Covid-19 will more than likely have to happen and everyone around the world will know this soon as this virus seemingly comes and goes every few months.

Here are the latest UK stats for Covid-19.

Covid-19 Stats UK


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