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Will the UK and USA Get Involved with Russia?

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Recently, there has been a lot of talks about world war 3 and how this could be the start of another world war, however, the war so far is against Russia and Ukraine. So far, Russia has started to invade Ukraine and started bombing major cities.

The UK and US have done an announcement during the chaos that has happened to Ukraine. The PM Boris Johnson stated:

“To our Ukrainian friends in this moment of agony, we are with you and we are on your side. Your right to choose your own destiny is a right that the United Kingdom and our allies will always defend.”
Also adding that the UK cannot look away! There has been a lot of talks about if the UK and US will go to war with Russia to help Ukraine, however… There is one reason why the UK and US may not engage with Ukraine and that may be the reason why they are only helping by sending supplies.
The US, UK, and alongside 30 more countries are a part of a group called NATO, this group is an alliance that says that if one of them gets attacked by anyone, they all must join forces and attack the threat. Ukraine is not a part of this.
There could still be a war as this may not be the reason why they are not sending and or helping Ukraine, however with Russia saying they will respond with action if anyone attacks them… Anyone that attacks Russia is putting everyone in danger.
Russia has continued to attack Ukraine overnight, this could be the start to another world war, however since they are not a part of NATO, this may only happen if Russia invades a NATO country.
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