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Russia Fires Missile into Ukraine!

Russia Fires Missile into Ukraine!
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Today has been the day Russia decided to start attacking Ukraine, there have been multiple sources that have said that Russia is starting to invade Ukraine.

As stated in the last article, click here to see that, Russia has started attacking Ukraine with missiles now. With two locations that have already been hit by Russia. So far, there has only been a few people injured, however, another missile has been recorded!

This missile has attacked the Western Ukraine airport and instantly went up in flames. This is starting to look like everyone will be going to war.

It’s believed that Russia has over 850,000 soldiers ready to fight, as Ukraine has 200,000, however with Ukraine having Allies such as USA and UK, there are over 1,000,000 soldiers ready to fight. Nothing has been stated about USA and UK however, so far it’s Russia against Ukraine with no one declaring wars as of yet.

Same with the air forces… It is believed that Russia has the 6th best air force in the world. This could be another world war.

Putin has started to order more and more missile strikes as reports say that there are loads more explosions near major cities.

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