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UK Sees Another Jump in Covid-19 Infections!

UK Sees Another Jump in Covid-19 Infections!
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Covid-19 has been a massive issue in the world and to this day it still is. 2020 was the worst of this virus in many places, however, there are many issues that can come about it, mainly in the UK right now, as Covid-19 has continued to spread again!

The data that has been spread has suggested that around 1.7 million people were estimated to have Covid-19. This is around one in 35 people – an increase of 23% on the week before.

This data suggests that Covid-19 is starting to spread around the UK again, meaning another spike could end up hitting the UK and the PM Boris Johnson will have to address this if it gets out of hand as it has done in the past!

Experts have suggested that the two variants that are causing the most spread, are the BA.4 and BA.5, which are known as subvariants to Omicron!

“I don’t wear a face covering, but if there were circumstances where I felt it was a really closed environment, with very high crowding and very intense social interaction, then those are the situations where I might think ‘should I or shouldn’t I’? And I think people have got to learn to frame those risks for themselves.” said Prof Sir Jonathan Van-Tam!

Banner and Image Credit: Konstantin Egorychev

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