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UK Covid-19 Update!

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So far, the UK are seemingly getting to grips with Covid-19, understanding that this may just be known as the next common cold and always striking back as those who have it, may think they have a common cold when they really have Covid-19 and leaving their house. This causes the spread of Covid-19 to get worse and worse and over time, becoming a big problem, however the more the UK ease restrictions, the more the cases seem to decrease and then increase through the week.

With Covid-19 still being quite deadly, those who have serious symptoms of this are taken to hospital still, business as usual, however the past week, less and less people are been taken to hospital. This is showing that the UK are able to cope with Covid-19 and cope with the illness better than most places across the world. Will this remain the rules however? More than likely not as more and more stuff will happen with this virus that will cause the UK PM and MPs to panic and more than likely more rules will be put in place!



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