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UK Covid-19 Update!

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The UK is seeing a small decrease in weekly Covid-19 cases each week, first week the UK saw a massive increase to 100,000 cases in that one day, but as time has went on, the UK have seen a small decrease going from 100,000 cases a day to under 90,000 cases, so a minus 10,000 cases. Not the biggest decrease in Covid-19 cases, however an improvement since the PM Boris Johnson has lifted most of the Covid-19 restrictions to ensure that everyone will now need to learn how to cope with Covid-19 as there is no way of getting rid of this virus at the moment.

With the virus being very easy to get and easy to not know if someone has it or not without a test… It is easy to say that this virus will more than likely be treated like the common cold and or be treated as if it were the flu, getting vaccinated each year and or every 6 months to contain the virus and make someone more and more immune from contacting it. This may work and or make some people immune from getting the worse of the virus! Click here for more Covid-19 news!

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