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Scotland Health Secretary Has Sleepless Nights Over NHS!

Scotland Health Secretary Has Sleepless Nights Over NHS!
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The NHS, ambulance crew,  is set to go on strike during the 21st till the 27th which could cause a lot of issues. Scottish health secretary Humza Yousaf said he has sleepless nights over the NHS in Scotland.

NHS is currently struggling with the amount of people being admitted to hospital. The waiting time is getting higher and higher and there is not much else to do.

A&E waits and ambulance response times have hit their worst levels on record across the UK.


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“The health service is under probably the most significant pressure its ever been under in its 74-year existence,”

“I’ve many sleepless nights, not figuratively speaking but quite literally speaking.” said Health Secretary Humza Yousaf.

This has come after every new virus and infection that has come out and it is overwhelming the NHS front line.

The NHS faces crises on multiple fronts this winter, with nurses and ambulance workers set to strike in the coming weeks

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