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Man Kills Teen in Plymouth!

Man Kills Teen in Plymouth!
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Recently there was a murder that took place in Plymouth, a man is believed to have killed an 18-year-old girl after abducting her.

Cody Ackland has been found guilty of abducting and killing a young woman by the name of Bobbi-Anne McLeod! It’s said that this murder is very similar to the Ted Bundy case that took place back in 1989.

Image Credit: BBC/Devon and Cornwall Police

Miss McLeod’s body was found in the Woodlands back in 2021 and the man pleaded guilty shortly after.

This is what a spokesman had to say about the situation!

“Cody Ackland led a double life. He held such an unhealthy fascination and desire to imitate serial killers. His fascination was to become an unimaginable wicked reality for Bobbi-Anne.”

Police uncovered a massive gallery on Ackland’s phone full of disturbing and dark nature and reminiscents of horror films.

The court heard Ackland strike the young woman on the head with a claw hammer at a bus stop in Leigham. Unknown to what was happening, however, some suggest she was waiting for a bus between 18:05 and 18:15 GMT.

Banner and Image Credit: BBC/Devon and Cornwall Police

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