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Respiratory Illness May Take up Half of NHS Beds!

Respiratory Illness May Take up Half of NHS Beds!
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Winter is the worst time of year for illnesses such as Colds, Flu, and most importantly now, Covid-19. The world is full of viruses now that can affect a lot of people, Covid-19 is one that almost made the world full stop for a few months and then start again. The UK suffered through almost 2 years full of lockdowns and easing of restrictions before former PM Boris Johnson said about living with Covid-19.

The warning has been given by some NHS Bosses that have already set out plans to help the health service cope with the number of hospital beds that may get taken up during this hard time.

This all includes some rapid response teams that will help people who have fallen at home and “data war rooms” to monitor pressures.

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With all the viruses possibly happening at once during Winter, this could end up overwhelming the NHS staff again.

“Winter comes hot on the heels of an extremely busy summer – and with the combined impact of flu, Covid and record NHS staff vacancies – in many ways, we are facing more than the threat of a ‘twindemic’ this year, so it is right that we prepare as much as possible – the NHS is going further than it ever has before in anticipation of a busy winter.” Said the NHS England chief executive Amanda Pritchard.

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