Monkeypox: is it a threat?

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Monkeypox is currently the newest virus to hit the world, with 53 confirmed cases at the moment, only time will tell if this is going to be a massive issue! 

This is currently the next virus to hit the world, nothing simple at the moment as not many people know what this virus is capable of and or what the virus can do. So far, many countries have been saying they have monkeypox in the area… However for some people it is simply like the chicken pox.

A lot of issue can happen with this new virus, it is very unknown and very hard to understand as it is brand new. Covid-19 was massive in the UK, US and other places… However so far, this is not a major issue. Nothing has been reported yet.

As of right now, the WHO, world health organisation, has stated this is nothing to be worried about.

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